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Massage Therapy

Relaxing treatments to heal your soul and body

$80 / 1 hr or $110 / 1.5 hr

Classic, relaxing full body massage

$95 / 1 hr or $125 / 1.5 hr

An ultimate treat that enhances the function of joints and muscles and improves blood circulation—relieving physical/mental fatigue and stress.

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

A relaxing, conventional massage, Swedish Massage improves circulation and skin and muscle tone. This Massage is a relaxing mix of essential oil massage, aromatherapy, and hot towel rub-down. No doubt it will relieve you from stress and will relax both your mind and body

$80/1 hr - $110/1.5 hr


Deep Tissue Massage

An ultimate treat that also enhances the function of your joints and muscles, improves blood circulation and general body tone, relieves physical and mental fatigue and stress. It increases flexibility and range of motion and decreases chronic pain. The pressure is concentrated on areas of spasm or chronic pain, to promote deep muscle regeneration

$95/1 hr - $125/1.5 hr



231 E Street, Suite 3 Davis

California 95616

(530) 753-1605


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